Finding ourselves

Its very difficult to understand the people around you and of yourselves. We peoples, have different types of imagination and we never can understand each other. We sometimes take somebody wrongly  instead that person can be right if we think according to that person.To enforce somebody  for your own use is one of the biggest selfishness and always misguiding others for your own benefit  is a cruel thing.By destroying the future of other person your are giving which direction to your society.I always think at my childhood that  people around you are very good and nice natured but in real  they are very different fron that. There are two type of people good and bad .But these good and bad type of peoples can effets your life alot even they can destroy you or make your life.Even the images of these type of peoples can change your thinking and even rubbbish type of images can create you a criminals which is negative effect of our society.We can say who is responsible for destroying our society.These type of peoples think that they are very smart because they can make use of others and even they can destroy or ruin their life but if we think they are biggest danger to our society.If our upper class belongs to such type of peoples then how we can groom our future childrens as they mostly occupy those bad type of habits from these type of peoples.So thinking matters alot but with this how we act with others also matters.It is very difficult to be away from these type of dangerous peoples because you can’t do anything to be away from such type of peoples .Everytime they try to hurt you and make your life more miserable .But in this type of situation boldness is the tool to protect you.Iive life boldy by facing it because in life many people try to hurt you.The aim of such peoples is misguiding our society and ruining.But on other side you get more stronger to face such problems. Mostly people don’t think the side effects of those reaction but those effect have may side effects


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