Effect on relationships with time and environment

We , peoples live in societies and families which every common person likes and loved to enjoy the company of each other while living in the society.Our society and family is maker of ourselves, our behaviour and life ; our environment  which shapes us differently according to our nature and thinking ,Our views makes our thinking good or bad, Our good and positive thinking helps us to distinguish and understand what is right and wrong but negative thinking and negative behaviour creates many ups and downs in one’s life and environment .Our negative  thinking makes us unable to think good or to favour somebody even that person is right in his own way.

Our society is a teacher which teaches us many lessons apart from our parents and family but it’s our  mentality how we take it and how we use our lessons that we learn from our society and from those lesson of society how we get  our best and useful results.

Relationship developed while living in society where various types of people found with different nature,  views ,thinking and feelings. When our culture , country , religion  etc is same , its very possible to understand each other but when we think individually it presents us a different image about different individual .Even living in same family, persons think differently; so this also gives shape and maintain our future and future relationships and makes our future successful or unsuccessful.

Our relationship are developed by love , respect and by understanding each other.By sharing our views , we can make our relationship more comfortable and easy going.To turn our relationships long  life , we must handle every situation of life neatly and boldly.

Flexibility in relationships and taking the right step while living in the society and family in right time is very necessary.Our presence of mind , cooperation , respect and  caring others give strength to our relationships.

We often see some people creates hindrances and damages the happiness of others by every means which make our relationships weak.They only try to hurt others for their own benefits.Our  good relations with our family and society makes us more strong , energetic and comfortable for doing something best or for giving our society best by every means  or for improving our surroundings.

We can’t blame our society for our failures.We must sort out the reasons behind our failure to become a successful person.
Life is full of learning new lessons day by day with lots of experiences and memories which we always utilise them whenever we needed.

If we ignore those lessons they become a disadvantage and create a problem and but if we use those lessons they become a boon and become a very helpful for tackling the problems and for finding solutions of life while living in the society.

Our behaviour always changes with time and experience.Our life is like a tide which goes up and down but it depends on us how to sail in those tides.When our behaviour changes everything around us change according to our behaviour. Some peoples act creuely so as well their relations  and society also becomes.

Our relationships are very delicate which are very much effected by our behaviour and environment. It depends on us how to make our relationships strong and life long for enjoying every moment of life.

By maintaining our behaviour as well as changing according to the situations and taking the right decisions is must.With passage of time , we observe many changes according to the   development in society  in our surrounding.We must have capacity to recognise who is right and who is wrong, according to their actions we must response them and tackle many daily problems. Due to latest technologies and inventions our lifestyle is also becoming complex which demands from us our more security and which are also effecting our relations with time.Our parents become very helpful for  settlement in life as they are very close to us and are very experienced.They know much better than us about the society which we shouldn’t ignore.


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