How can we protect our hands

Sometimes we often ignore to take care of our hands as we are always busy in handling our daily routine activities which later sometimes  become a problem .To care our hands is very important, as  mostly our every action is done by our hands .I have seen many people don’t care their hand and nails so their hands look very shabby and unattractive; it also effect our personality and leaves a very bad impression on others.


In our busy routine work we must do a little effort to improve their look. We can use many homemade ideas for improving the look by taking into consideration different things available for beautifying our hands.
If possible always try to give massage  to hands with oil, you can give treatment to hands by using various scrubs, creams or lotions available in market of various brands or can be prepared at home by using different homemade ideas.


In summer or winter season it becomes very important to take care because our skin get dried due to the  oil deficiency.In winter skin of our hands become dry and start rupturing  which we can avoid by using lotions, creams and oils .During winter daily care becomes necessary to avoid future daily problems of our hands.
During summer our hands skin get discoloured and become unattractive due to the  sharp radiations of sun and micro-organsim also infect our hands and health .
The nails should be properly massaged with oil and shaped well otherwise they can create problem or damage to hands and nails.If possible nail polish can be applied according to choice and like.
While doing household chores hand gloves can be worn to protect nails and hands .Some people have sensitive skin , due to sensitivity they easily get damaged so every person must take care by knowing sensitivity of skin.
While cutting vegetables or fruits we should be more careful, and if our skin is more sensitive then we must consult skin specialist for proper treatment .
Give your hand a proper  treatment whether it is winter or summer. In winter never use too hot water or cold water for your hands .
Always wash hands with  soaps or liquids from time to time.
Don’t waste water while washing your hands and also teach your kids how to care and protect themselves from dangerous diseases by washing hands.
Our hands are important part of our body so always care them for healthy living.

There are many ingredients  available in our kitchen just like a lemon which can be used for increasing the softness of our skin .Our mothers often use many  homemade  preparations for treating the skin Like mixture of lemon juice ,rose water and glycerine  and applying on the skin daily during winter season.

Another home made preparation can be prepared by heating mustard oil with small pieces of  radish  and let them turn brown ,on turning brown remove those pieces and then add wax pieces to it.and let it stir continuously  and prepare a soft mixture from it.Apply it whenever you like  on your clean skin and  clean cracked heels and leave them for a night you will see results in 24 hrs.


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